Friday, 25 July 2008

FDO Toolbox v0.3.4

A new release of FDO Toolbox is available. Changes which are mostly bug fixes and productivity enhancements, include:
  • Added a preferences dictionary. This gets saved to/loaded from Preferences.xml at application startup and shutdown. Currently two preferences are exposed: pref_str_working_directory and pref_bool_timestamp_console
  • Schema Management: Can now save selected schema to either an XML file or to a new SDF file
  • Geometric Property Dialog: FdoGeometryType is used instead of FdoGeometricType, allowing for more specific geometry types
  • You can now optionally connect to any SHP/SDF files created.
  • You can now optionally name any SDF/SHP connection created.
  • Class editing is activated again. Just be aware that removing properties won't work (the removal won't be applied)
  • Spatial Context Dialog: You can choose to set extents by computing it from a list of chosen feature classes.
  • Tabs will now close if their bound connection is closed.
  • Tabs will now have their title text renamed if their bound connection is renamed.
  • You can show the Object Explorer or Application Console if you accidentally close either one.
Download here:

Special thanks to Jason Birch and Kenneth Skovhede for suggestions (some of which made it into this release)

Edit: Most of the save functionality is broken and will be fixed in the next release

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