Saturday, 26 July 2008

FDO Toolbox v0.3.5

v0.3.5 fixes the save dialog bugs in the previous release (v0.3.4) and includes the following features:
  • New Program: TaskRun.exe, use it to load and run task definitions from the command line. NOTE both the source and target connections in the bulk copy task definition must be valid otherwise execution will fail.
  • Capability-aware menus: If a menu/toolbar item is disabled, it's because the command is not supported by the current selected connection.
  • New Data Store Manager for rdbms-based providers.
  • Bulk Copy Enhancement: Spatial Context List now in Bulk Copy Control. This means the Bulk Copy definition can now be executed without manual user input.
  • New Console Application framework. TaskRun.exe and other future command-line utilities will be built on this.
Also from now on, I will mainly be releasing "Lite" versions of FDO Toolbox, only bundling FDO when the major version number changes (eg. v0.4.0) or a new release of FDO is available.


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