Wednesday, 30 July 2008

FDO Toolbox v0.4.1

Changes in this version.
  • Merged all the command-line utilities into a single utility: FdoUtil.exe. Consult the updated cmd_readme.txt for usage instructions.
  • New per-class bulk copy option: Attribute Filter. To migrate existing bulk copy definitions add a <SourceFilter> element (can be empty) as the last child element of each <Mapping> element in the bulk copy definition.
  • SchemaAttributeDictionary editing support for schemas and classes.
  • Schema and class nodes in the Object Explorer now have context menus.
  • Support for external FDO installations. When FdoToolbox launches for the first time it will look for the "FDO" subdirectory. If this directory doesn't exist, you will be prompted to specify the directory containing the FDO binaries. After this the directory will be written to a string preference pref_str_fdo_home. This value will be written to preferences.xml and used for every subsequent usage of FdoToolbox or its command-line utilities. Put it simply, you can download a Lite install, run FdoToolbox.exe or any command-line utility and point pref_str_fdo_home to an existing FDO directory/installation and Bob's your uncle.
  • "Apply" button in Schema Management Tab only activates if the underlying schema's ElementState is changed (ie. is dirty)
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