Wednesday, 25 February 2009

FDO Toolbox v0.7.1

Fresh from the binary oven. Changes include:
  • You can now create connections by dragging and dropping SDF/SHP/SQLite files into the Object Explorer
  • A new Copy Spatial Contexts command, allows you to copy spatial contexts from one connection to another.
  • Connection nodes in the Object Explorer now show all spatial contexts in the tooltip.
  • Express module support for SQLite
  • Express module connection support for the following providers: MySQL and PostGIS
  • You can now save Data Preview queries in SQLite format
  • Saved Data Preview queries will now have spatial context information included.
  • NSIS installer now checks for .net Framework
  • If this is your first installation of FDO Toolbox, Visual C++ 2008 Runtime is now optional, as the required CRT dlls are now bundled with this release.
  • Fixed crash in Data Preview when querying without a geometry property specified.
  • Fixed bulk copy ignoring property name mappings
and finally...
  • Improved bulk copy insert performance. Especially for SQLite. SQLite is super fast!
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