Friday, 11 November 2011

Announcing: A fixed installer for MapGuide Maestro 4.0 RC1


It turns out that as far back as the first beta release of Maestro 3.0, that the window installers I've been making did not include the XML schema files required for validating XML content.

So I've posted an updated 4.0 RC1 installer with the missing XML schema files. Note that this is only applicable if you've been downloading the windows installer package. If you have been using the zip packages, the XML schema files have always been in there, so everything's ok on that front.

To make sure that the XML schema files are properly set up, go to Tools - Options and check that the XML schema path is configured to point to the Schemas directory under your MapGuide Maestro installation directory

Or, you can click Reset and Maestro will reset all preferences to default values and auto-discover all the required paths.

Update: OSGeo is back in order. So the fixed 4.0 RC1 installer is available for download from here

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