Monday, 31 December 2012

My MapGuide/FDO Wishlist for 2013

Unlike wishlists of previous years. This one is simple, and it applies to both MapGuide and FDO (but mainly MapGuide)

More non-Autodesk developers/contributors

The poll I made several months ago alluded to this problem. There is a serious brain-drain in the MapGuide Open Source project. I bemoan the fact that I seem to be the only non-Autodesk core developer/contributor that seems to truly care about the state of the MapGuide Open Source project.

Ok, so not everyone may have deep intimate knowledge of the MapGuide codebase, but neither do I. The MapGuide content on this blog is nothing more than a chronicle of things I've learned about MapGuide over the years, and even 6 years after the very first release of MapGuide Open Source, I'm still learning new things left and right.

Everybody can contribute regardless of skill level. Depending on your skill level, you can help and support the MapGuide project in various ways:

  • Put up some code samples
  • Help maintain/curate the MapGuide wiki and website to keep content fresh and relevant
  • Tweet/Share/Blog about your MapGuide experiences/tips/tricks/applications. It doesn't have to reach my blog's level of technicality.
  • Show off your cool MapGuide application
  • Contribute fixes and enhancements
  • If you can't contribute due to lack of technical knowledge, sponsor someone who can
  • Open a new sandbox branch to hack/explore new ideas for new MapGuide feature(s)
  • Post helpful and meaningful bug reports. Keep them up to date with any additional information, patches, screenshots or reproduction scenarios. Don't post bug reports and then auto-magically expect them to be addressed. More likely they will be deleted 6 months down the road due to lack of information and activity.
  • Help document the various undocumented public APIs in the MapGuide C++ header files. The API enhancement work means any C++ documentation efforts will also be making it to their respective .net and Java bindings as well.
  • Help improve the MapGuide Developer's Guide
  • Help improve the official sample code
  • Help answer questions on the mapguide-users mailing list
Currently I do of all of the above points with various degrees of dedication. I can't do this stuff forever. Even Dirty Harry understands that.

So with that said, have a safe and happy new year. Here's to a bright 2013 for MapGuide

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