Monday, 21 January 2013

Finally! (part 2)

9 months ago, we finally brought MapGuide Open Source back into the Linux fray.

One thing I wanted to do before kicking the MapGuide Open Source 2.5 release cycle into high gear was to try and answer the other important question:

We can haz 64-bit MapGuide for Linux?

After a weekend of hacking around the current build system, we have the final answer:

This build is not perfect yet, FDO was a semi-dirty build and MapGuide was building against a minimal installation of FDO (core + few providers) as a result. Also I had to do some serious monkey-patching of the DWF Toolkit (and backport some bits from the latest 7.7 release) to support 64-bit compilation.

The true solution would be to fully replace the internal 7.1 copy of the DWF Toolkit with the latest 7.7 release, but that would also mean the breakage of eMap functionality and associated viewer and mapping service APIs in MapGuide. Sure this stuff is deprecated already, but such a change is too destructive at this point. So we're better off shelving such work for a later release.

Now to nuke the VM and start again because we didn't want to get to this point through blind luck. We want to get to this point because our build system has the necessary fixes in place!

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Tyler Mitchell said...

Looking forward to reading more about this and following/testing it myself. Can you point me to the best place to follow along?