Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Not happening :(

So my joy of getting the MapGuide Server executable running in a 64-bit Linux environment has been placated with a new sobering reality.

If we were to ship MapGuide Open Source 2.5 for 64-bit Linux in is current form, at least half the FDO providers included would be completely broken. Running the FDO test suites that I was able to run drove this point home. There's obviously a whole assortment of linux code paths in the FDO core and its providers that make invalid assumptions in a 64-bit environment. The volume of problems is such that getting them addressed in my desired 2.5 release time frame is not going to happen.

So 64-bit Linux support will be on the back-burner for at least one more release cycle :(

With that said, onward we go to beta 1!


Tom Weir said...

64-bit ports are definitely a non-trivial exercise. It took a massive amount of man-hours over multiple releases to get FME to the point where it was solid on 64-bit.

In many cases it goes beyond fixing types & build settings...the code itself needs to be changed because of assumptions that are no longer valid.

Jackie Ng said...

Yep, learned that lesson the hard way. C++ is nothing like C#