Friday, 21 June 2013

The baby is talking

Can we init this thing?

So far so good. That exception text is a nonsense error outputted by MgCoordinateSystemCatalog trying to initialize from default paths that don't exist (the above path in the screenshot and the non-existent MENTOR_DICTIONARY_PATH), MgInitializeWebTier will set the dictionary path correctly based on webconfig.ini

Can we make some objects?

Does the JS instanceof operator check out?

Now the big one, can we make some services?

Do these services have a class hierarchy?

Do these services work?

Aw yeah!

This baby still needs time to grow up though.

  • MgExceptions de-stabilize the whole thing, even though we are internally catching them and re-throwing as JS Error objects
  • This thing could be leaking memory like a broken water pipe
  • Who knows what other Node/V8-isms could be catching me off-guard?

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