Monday, 26 August 2013

MapGuide 2.6 feature showcase: New code samples

If you're uncertain how the new CREATERUNTIMEMAP and QUERYMAPFEATURES can help you, then have no fear: For 2.6, we've bundled a whole bunch of new code samples to show you how using everyone's favourite web mapping library: OpenLayers.

When you install the 2.6 preview release, make sure that the OpenLayers Samples feature is enabled.

After installation, load in the Sheboygan sample package using Maestro or the MapGuide Site Administrator and then go to the new samples landing page link on the start menu.

To simplify the installer, all the code samples have been aggregated into this single landing page. Just be aware that some of these links might be broken if you didn't choose to install the respective samples from the installer.

If you look at the bottom of the page you'll see a whole bunch of new samples demonstrating OpenLayers integration with MapGuide. The key thing to note with all these new samples is that none of them involve any .net/Java/PHP code using the MapGuide API. They are all pure client-side HTML/JavaScript communicating with the mapagent.

Have a play around and you may be surprised what you can do with just OpenLayers and jQuery in MapGuide 2.6. Note that mixed map and the Google/OSM examples won't work out of the box.

This is because these samples work with a Map Definition that is not part of the Sheboygan dataset. You can find the required Map Definition XML document in the directory where the sample is actually physically located

Load this document into the specified resource id via Maestro or the mapagent test pages. Reload the sample page and it should now work.

These samples aren't set in stone yet. We could probably automate/simplify this process of setting up example data files somehow.

Nevertheless, hopefully these new samples give you some ideas and/or inspiration.

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