Saturday, 8 February 2014

(Better?) MapGuide API Documentation

While googling for some class in the MapGuide API and forgetting I have a local doxygen-generated copy of the Web API documentation on hand, I stumbled onto this wonderful site call NuDoq which crawls all NuGet packages for relevant API documentation and provides a really slick interface for searching through classes/interfaces/properties/etc.

It obviously picked up the NuGet packages I've created for the .net binding to the MapGuide API and I have to say that the documentation generated by NuDoq is much more usable and accessible that our current doxygen-generated offering. And they even let you download the documentation for offline consumption too, always helpful to have. Sadly, there's still plenty of TODOs sprinkled through the transplanted API documentation, which is obviously telling us there are plenty of classes that still need documenting.

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