Sunday, 3 August 2008

FDO Toolbox v0.4.2

Changes in this release.

New features/enhancements:
  • New per-class bulk copy option: Delete before copy. Please be warned that deleting existing data may take a while. Only use this option if necessary.
  • New global spatial filter bulk copy option. This is a textual spatial filter that is applied to each feature class. (non-feature classes are ignored). An example global spatial filter would be: INSIDE GeomFromText('POLYGON XY ((-124.07 49.1, -124.07 49.2, -123.8 49.2, -123.8 49.1, -124.07 49.1))') It is best to run this filter through the expression editor and/or data preview to verify it is a valid filter.
  • New command-line utility: FdoInfo.exe. Consult the updated cmd_readme.txt for usage information.
  • Class nodes now have a data preview option.
  • Expression Editor supports building spatial and distance operations.
  • Data preview in query mode now has support for property lists and computed fields.
  • Small UI changes in Spatial Context Dialog
  • Clicking cancel on the Generic Connect/Create Datastore dialogs will now actually close them.
  • Fixed incorrect spatial extents computation with certain data sources.
  • Fixed error about missing table "Projections" in cscatalog.sqlite
  • Connection-bound tabs are now single instance. For example: If you open the schema management tab for a given connection more than once, every attempt after the first will simply re-activate the existing tab.
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