Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Announcing: MapGuide Open Source 3.0 Beta 2

Here's the 2nd beta of MapGuide Open Source 3.0

One of the most apparent things you'll notice as you download this release is ... the size.

As an experiment (since we're still in beta), we've excised some USA-specific coordinate system grid files and un-used Geoid height files from our installation packages. As a result our installation packages are up to 150MB lighter than they were previously.

Our test suites indicate nothing is affected by the omission of these files except for if your spatial data uses a US-based coordinate systems based on an NSRS datum. Unless your data is based in the US and you have strict data requirements that require such a coordinate system be used for your data and maps, you will probably be unaffected by the omission of these files, so why carry an extra 150MB download burden for something you'll never use amirite?

But don't fret, these grid files are made available as a separate package for download as a supplemental package should your installation of MapGuide require them. However, if this change does break functionality in your installation (and you're not using a US-based coordinate system based on a NSRS datum), we'd like to know about it.

If things go smoothly with this change, we'll most likely extend this installer weight-loss program to the next (long overdue) 2.6.1 point release as well.