Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Google Earth plays nice with MapGuide again.

Google recently released Google Earth 5.1 and one of the first things I wanted to find out was, if it would play nice with MapGuide again.

After some testing, my conclusion is that everything is fine again. So when you want to consume KML from MapGuide, stay away from Google Earth releases from 4.3 to 5.0

Monday, 14 September 2009

FDO Toolbox v0.8.2(.1)

Time for a new release.

New Features / Changes:

Colorful Map Previews.

Monochromatic map previews are a thing of the past. Though if for some reason you still prefer black and white, there's a new option available in Preferences to enable/disable this

Spatial Indexing Support

Thanks to the C# Spatial Index library we now have basic spatial indexing for our datasets. Because this enables us to finally do intersection testing on our datasets, the Data Preview can now do cool things like:

Expression Editor value fetching

The expression editor has been enhanced with distinct value fetching support. So now not-only do you get property/function auto-complete, now you get value auto-complete as well!

Other Changes
  • Added a new option to view the capabilities of any FDO connection.
  • You can now attempt to fix and correct incompatibilities in the Schema Designer when operating in contextual mode. This is useful for applying schemas to connections with very restrictive capabilities (eg. Shape Files). Before it told you the schema to be applied was incompatible. Now, you can try to do something about it.
  • Fix some bugs related to fixing schema incompatibilities.
  • Fixed crashing on Data Preview for ODBC connections as a result of a half-baked attempt to work around an annoying bug. You should definitely get this release if you work with lots of ODBC connections.
  • Auto-pad zero-length string properties (to 255) when applying a schema that has zero-length string properties.
  • Added OGR connection builders for: ESRI Shape Files, ESRI ArcCoverage, Microstation DGN (v7 and older), GeoJSON, S-57, Atlas BNA and OGR Virtual Driver. You can now totally bypass using the Generic connection dialog for the OGR Provider (which for some reason the provider does not want to play nice)

EDIT: Release has been pulled because of a showstopper defect that slipped through the cracks. A release will be made available soon that fixes this defect.

EDIT: The release is up. Download away!


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