Friday, 19 March 2010

FDO Toolbox v0.9.3

Here's a small point release with the following changes:
  • Connections are now lazily initialized. That 100+ feature class ArcSDE schema will only take 5 minutes to load when you expand the connection node for the first time. All created connections are now initially collapsed.
  • FDO has been upgraded to 3.5.0 RC1. The most notable feature of FDO 3.5.0 is the brand new PostGIS provider that is built from the same core as the other RDBMS providers. It is strongly recommended to use this provider (OSGeo.PostgreSQL) over the existing PostGIS provider (OSGeo.PostGIS). The existing provider is still included, but it should be considered deprecated and working with PostGIS data stores with this provider is discouraged. Please note that the express connection option still uses the old provider. You will have to use the generic connection method for the new PostGIS provider.