Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Some patches and fixes of MapGuide Open Source 3.1.1

Barely a week after releasing MapGuide Open Source 3.1.1, I've added some patches that may be of use for some of you out there.

Firstly, I've uploaded a newer release of Fusion that includes a fix for an issue with Google Maps support discovered after the 3.1.1 release. If you downloaded Fusion with the updated Bing Maps support in the past, this release is packaged in the same fashion: Download, extract and overwrite the existing Fusion installation.

Secondly, for those that use Oracle and have been clamoring for 12c support. I've uploaded experimental King Oracle FDO provider dlls that have been built against the Oracle 12c instant client SDK. These providers have not yet been fully tested against Oracle 12c and has been made available for you to provide any feedback or report any issues regarding 12c support.

If either one of these patches is of interest to you, grab them from the updated 3.1.1 release notes page.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Announcing: mg-desktop and MapGuide nuget packages for 3.1.1

It's been so long since putting out the last release of MapGuide that you sometimes forget that there are also supplemental build artifacts that tail off of the main MapGuide build process that need to be released as well!

In our case, that would be new nuget packages for the MapGuide .net API and mg-desktop.

The new mg-desktop binaries are also available as plain zip packages, should the NuGet way of acquiring not work out for you.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Announcing: MapGuide Open Source 3.1.1

I am pleased to announce the final release of MapGuide Open Source 3.1.1

The only changes from the Release Candidate are:
  • A fix in the AJAX viewer to prevent clicks in interactive tooltip content from falling through (possibly accidentally triggering map selections as a result).
  • Permission fixes for the windows installer and linux install scripts so that the Fusion QuickPlot widget can work out of the box.
Download/Release Notes