Thursday, 14 August 2008

FDO Toolbox v0.5.5

Changes in this release


  • Non-spatial data support: Database tables can now be converted to (Point) feature classes.
  • Bulk Copy now supports Batched insertions. Insert performance is better in batched mode (upwards of 10x in Oracle!), but not all providers support batched insertion.
  • Tasks and connections are persisted and restored on each session.
  • Save/Load support for non-spatial connections
  • Data Preview: Filtering support for select aggregates.
  • XML schemas for configuration files
  • New "Remove all" command for Connections (both types) and Tasks.
  • Fix: Any tasks running can now be properly canceled.
  • MySQL copy spatial context fixes.
  • Fix: Saving schema was using the schema name instead of the chosen file name
  • Fix: Incorrect property mappings in Bulk copy control.
  • Bulk Copy: Oracle-specific overrides.
  • Bulk Copy: Improved counting process by choosing the most efficent method in this precedence: SQL - count() via ISelectAggregates - Brute Force
  • Bulk Copy: Auto-Generated IDs will be created for any class that has no identity properties that is to be applied to the target connection.
  • Object Explorer menu updates.
  • UI tweaks in the Data Preview tab.
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