Sunday, 17 August 2008

FDO Toolbox v0.5.6

This is a small bugfix release with one major bugfix:
  • Fix incorrect total for certain bulk copy task. For certain providers that support ISelectAggregates, a Count() was being executed with the first selected property name. This is not an identity property name and as a result, can result in inaccurate totals. This has been changed so that it now issues Count() using the first identity property from the source feature class.
Other changes:
  • Removed the (mandatory) feature limit in the Data Preview control, and make the querying be done on a background worker thread. This prevents locking up the UI while a query is executing on a large dataset. Queries in progress can be cancelled. This does not fix the "Memory allocation failed" problem but you can work around it by either turning off any geometry properties when quering in standard mode or to query via raw SQL.
  • Fixed incorrect labels in the Express bulk copy control.
  • Fixed potential crash in the Generic Connect/Create Data Store controls with certain providers.
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Note: The changelog in the zip file is out of date. It has been updated in the svn repository.

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