Friday, 22 August 2008

SELECT * INTO [sdf file] FROM [feature class]? Yes you can!

One of the long standing issues in FDO Toolbox (which isn't actually as serious as first thought) has been resolved. The resolution of this issue paves the way for some interesting ways to utilise the Data Preview feature, one way which I am introducing in this post.

The Data Preview tab now includes a "Save Query" (result) button, with the current available option being to a new SDF file. What this allows you to do is to save the current grid of a Data Preview to a new SDF file. For those SQL gurus out there, this effectively allows you to do the SQL equivalent of:

SELECT [columns/aliases] INTO [new SDF file] FROM [feature class]

... inside FDO Toolbox with FDO data sources!

Currently this feature is only enabled for the Standard query mode. Support for SQL query mode and Select Aggregates will come in due course. Support for other flat file output types (even non-FDO data sources) will also eventually come as well.

For the adventurous types. This feature is currently in the svn trunk. Otherwise expect to see this feature in the next release.

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