Wednesday, 29 October 2008

FDO Toolbox v0.6.0

It's been a while, but I've found some time to nut out some of the outstanding issues/enhancements since the last release. As a result, here's a new release coming at you!

New features

1. Visual data preview support

You can now preview spatial data the way it is meant to be previewed! :-) This uses the SharpMap library for rendering with a custom SharpMap provider that does the job of translating FDO geometries to SharpMap ones for rendering. Map previews are disabled for non-spatial queries.

2. MapGuide integration

There has been requests for some kind of support/integration with MapGuide (since they are closely related). This extension module allows you to connect to a MapGuide server and examine/preview its feature sources.

Please note that this is still experimental and still has some reliability issues. To use this extension module, you will have to manually load the MGModule.dll file or edit Modules.xml to auto-load the extension module.

3. Schema alteration support

Sometimes when bulk copying from one source to another, there are some things in the source schema that just cannot be applied to the target because it is unsupported. Now when you bulk copy from one source to another, any incompatibilities encountered will be presented to the user with the option of fixing said incompatibilities.

Other changes

  • Data Preview: You will be warned about potentially large result sets. This is controlled by a preference value: PREF_INT_WARN_DATASET
  • The MyMeta library has been replaced with raw What this means is that there is a much improved performance when retrieving table/column information from data sources.
  • All application specific classes and components have been extracted out of FdoToolbox.Core.dll into FdoToolbox.Base.dll
  • Bulk copy overrides for SQL Server 2008
  • API Documentation for FdoToolbox.Core (CHM format)
  • Skeleton user documentation (also CHM format). More content will be added in the future.

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