Monday, 30 March 2009

MapGuide testers needed

Jason Birch has posted an unofficial build of MapGuide Open Source that is packaged with the new wix-based installer that Jason, Kenneth and myself have been developing for the last month and a bit. We've pretty much matched all the features of the original installer with some nice extras.

But just like Autodesk themselves, we lack sufficient resources to throughly test this thing out.

MapGuide Open Source 2.1 is almost upon us, the real final obstacle before the beta period starts is this installer. Help us clear this hurdle by downloading a copy and see if it works for you, and updating your findings here


Nimrod said...

My findings on win server 2003 - .NET:
1. Doesn't delete mapguide virtual directory from IIS on unsuccessful installation – rollback
2. Doesn't check for computer configuration, to see if there is the right .NET inveroment

Jackie Ng said...

Can you log these issues in Trac if it hasn't been done already? Thanks.