Tuesday, 10 November 2009

FDO Toolbox v0.9.0

Here's a new release of FDO Toolbox.

New Stuff:

1. Support for "flattening" geometries. Previously when attempting to preview spatial data with Z or M coordinates, it will fail. Now these extra coordinates are stripped away when previewing. Geometry flattening is also a new bulk copy option (regular and express).

2. The ability to see what your geometry WKT looks like. This is used in the Expression Editor.

3. Schemas, Classes and Properties are now alphabetically sorted in the Object Explorer. Makes FDO connections with 100+ class feature schemas easier to sift through.

4. The Save Schema as XML and Save Schema as SDF commands have been replaced with a new schema saving dialog. This dialog allows you to save the full schema or a subset of the Feature Schema by un-ticking the feature classes and properties you don't want saved.

Other Stuff:

1. FDO has been updated to 3.4.1 RC2. This fixes a bug that caused the faster Object Explorer loading to not work at all. Now if you have large feature schemas, they should load faster if the provider supports the enhanced IDescribeSchema command. All previous workarounds implemented up to this point have been removed (you won't notice it really).

2. We are once again using the custom gdal16.dll from the FDO binary distribution. The original motivation for using the offical gdal16.dll was for a more capable OGR provider, but bundling the official dlls turned out to cause conflicts with the PostGIS provider. If you want a more capable OGR provider, follow the instructions here.

3. IronPython has been updated to 2.0.3

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