Monday, 14 December 2009

An interesting AU session on the internals of MapGuide

Though I didn't go to Autodesk University in person or virtually (maybe I will one day), I'm always interested in checking out the Geospatial-focused sessions that have been posted online. This year, there seemed to be the usual lot of sessions introducing MapGuide/FDO/Map3D, but one particular session caught my eye of interest:

This session is particularly special because at face value, it is not introductory in any way. You are assumed to know about what MapGuide and FDO are about. The session goes through the internals of MapGuide and demonstrates an example of using MapGuide in a standalone context (no server tier, no web tier).

This is a one of a kind presentation. I recommend checking out the slides/sample/podcast. It has certainly opened my eyes to the possibilities!

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Amadeus said...

This was a great session.

The presentation and walk through was brilliant and the code samples were great to play with.

Kori Maleski