Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Technical Question Etiquette

This post is a bit ranty, but I really need to get this off my chest.

On the same day where I lost over half a workday to some stupid Visual Studio problem, I had lost several more due to problems with another Microsoft product: IIS

The problem was that I had two IIS websites which weren't serving content. I did a check of the versions and the host headers just to make sure nothing was misconfigured. I even rebooted said server to see if it would fix the problem to no avail. Event logs did little to help me, so with very few other options, I turned to the Oracle of Google for help.

Google was not kind to my pleas for help. There was only really one relevant result on the topic at hand, when I clicked on the result, the question pretty much was similar to mine. The only problem was, the reply to the question was from the original asker, which simply read:

Don't worry. I got it solved.

End of sentence. End of story.

I think as a general rule of etiquette, if you have a question and you somehow answered it yourself, please do tell us how you solved the problem because there may be others (like myself on that day) that have the same problem and would like to know how you solved it too!

/end rant

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