Tuesday, 4 May 2010

WebTier-less editing with Maestro

Just landed in trunk, is experimental support for using Maestro using the offical MapGuide API (known as LocalNativeConnection in Maestro). What this means is that when Maestro starts up you are now greeted with a slightly different login dialog.

Notice the two radio buttons Connect via HTTP and Connect via TCP/IP, when the Connect via TCP/IP button is clicked, you get a different user interface

If you ever used the offical MapGuide API, you should know how this works. Give your login details, supply the path to the webconfig.ini and away we go.

Where is the value in having offical MapGuide API support? It means it is now possible to edit resources in a MapGuide server without the need for a web server and web extensions installed on your machine!

For people (like me) who test bleeding edge versions of MapGuide built from source this is a very useful feature to have. This doesn't work perfectly yet. It bombed out on me when opening feature sources (some xml serialization bug), but it's a promising start.

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