Monday, 23 August 2010

Announcing FDO Toolbox 1.0 beta 1

Unlike commercial software, the 1.0 version number in the open source world usually signifies that that software is "complete", has all major features, and is considered reliable enough for general release.

In the nearly 2 years of development, I have come to the belief that FDO Toolbox fulfills this criteria and thus is ready for the v1.0 designation. This is the first of many beta releases, which will round out some of the remaining items to be completed.

This first beta release introduces the following new features:
  • Bulk copy now supports on-the-fly schema modifications. If copying to non-existent classes and/or properties, these will be created before copying begins, but only if the provider in question supports such capabilities.
  • Express support for creating SQL Server Spatial data stores.
  • Support for executing arbitrary SQL statements for providers that support SQL commands.
  • New menu commands to open the Log and Session directories
  • FdoUtil.exe now supports a -log parameter for the RunTask and BulkCopy commands, allowing error logs to be written to a file name of your choice.


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