Monday, 2 August 2010

Revising the FDO Toolbox roadmap

Hmmm, didn't I say that the FDO Toolbox project was going to die some months ago?

Well, like your sportsman who retired and then decided to come back because it was way too early to retire, I am having the same feeling with FDO Toolbox development. My renewed interest in continuing development is because:
  • Having "dogfooded" FDO Toolbox on some of my client sites has revealed that there are still many things that can be improved.
  • The FDO API will never stop evolving, so in a way there will always be something new that needs supporting.
Somewhere in the future, FDO Toolbox and Maestro will eventually become one. But in the meantime, there will be life after 1.0 for this little toolbox.


נמרוד כנען said...

I was looking for this announcement.

נמרוד כנען said...

Do you have Batch-Update on your REDAR. I need to update banch of rows's propery value & the AutoCAD Map is very slaw for this kind of update

Jackie Ng said...

Not at the moment, but it's a possibility.