Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Something revolutionary this way comes

Each release of Maestro until now has brought with it a series of enhancements that are mostly incremental and evolutionary in nature that improves your MapGuide authoring productivity.

Coming to the next release of Maestro (4.0) is a new feature which I can safely say will be nothing but revolutionary

That's right! Maestro 4.0 will let you connect to and work with multiple sites at the same time! Can you imagine the possibilities?


Wilson H said...

Wow, that was something many people were wishing for.

this and the posibility to copy styles between different layers.

i love how mapguide maestro has become a solid development tool for mapguide (my favorite, too).

keep up the great work, you rock!

נמרוד כנען said...

Out of the box thinking

Anonymous said...


Yeah baby!

BTW, I was using 3.1 and ran into a bug. Installed 3.5 and it was fixed. Nice work anticipating my needs! :)