Friday, 10 February 2012

MapGuide Instant Setup now supports IIS(7)

When I first introduced the MapGuide Instant Setup utility, you could only set up a functional Apache Web Tier.

Well, I finally got motivation to add IIS (7.x) support to this utility, so here's what the IIS configuration screen looks like:

The setup configuration logic is exactly the same as the official installer (ie. It's a series of appcmd.exe calls). The key configuration bits are:

  • The web site indicated by Web Site Name must already exist in IIS
  • The Virtual Directory must not already exist in IIS
  • The Application Pool must not already exist in IIS
  • If the compiled binaries are 64-bit, you must check the This is a 64-bit instance of MapGuide checkbox as this will skip some appcmd.exe calls that apply to 32-bit installs. The Apache configuration does nothing with this field, checked or unchecked.
Will this utility support instant IIS6 or IIS5 configuration in the future? Probably not. Too much messing around with COM objects and metabases for the effort.

1 comment:

Peter Shoemark said...

Hi Jackie, Do you have a current list of prerequisites available for the prior to installing IIS7 ?
There seems a glut of 'how to set IIS7' butI can only assume .net4 at this stage?
Cheers, Peter