Sunday, 12 February 2012

Viewing content changes in Maestro

Ever wondered what the * on that tab actually represents?

With the next release of Maestro, now you can actually find out

The View Changes command lets you see the XML content changes of the currently edited resource

You also have the opportunity to view the XML diff when you try to close an editor tab with unsaved changes

Now those of you with a keen eye may notice some false positives in the first 2 lines.
  • The XML prolog is missing the encoding attribute
  • The root element has its attributes specified in a different order.
It means our XML serialization code is somewhat imperfect, something that I wouldn't have known without a tool like this. Nevertheless, this new tool will let you make a more informed decision when you need to save a modified resource.

Many thanks to Michael Potter for the public domain implementation of the .net diff engine and UI which is the backbone of this new feature.

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Johan said...

Made me think about a functionality I'm looking for: it would be cool if this could be integrated with version control (eg git), so you could actually have a history of your library.