Thursday, 7 February 2013

Announcing: MapGuide Open Source 2.5 Beta 1

So with the failed 64-bit Linux experiment out of the way, here's the first beta of MapGuide Open Source 2.5

Get all the information and downloads from here. We already covered what's new in a previous post.

The release comes in the following flavours:
  • 32/64-bit Windows Installer
  • 32/64-bit Windows InstantSetup bundles
  • 32-bit Ubuntu 12.04 deb installer (coming soon)
  • 32-bit CentOS 6.x tarball (coming soon)
As we don't actually have a formal FDO 3.8 source branch to build from, this release of MapGuide was built from the FDO 3.8 beta 1 binary SDK which includes the ArcSDE Provider

I'm aiming for a short and aggressive release cycle for 2.5, so it could well be possible that MapGuide Open Source 2.5 is actually released before FDO 3.8 final, in which case so be it. We can always put out a 2.5.1 point release when FDO 3.8 goes final if this is the case.

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