Friday, 22 February 2013

MapGuide tidbits: "Maps" in Fusion

Chalk this one up to English being the scumbag multi-contextual language that it is.

Here's a little trivia. What does a Map mean in Fusion?

Many things actually. It could be any one of the following:

  • A MapGuide Map Definition resource
  • A part of the ApplicationDefinition document that defines one logical map (The <mapgroup> element)
  • A child <Map> element of the <MapGroup> of the ApplicationDefinition document which is a component layer of a logical map (eg. A MapGuide Map Definition or a Google/Bing/OSM layer).
  • A javascript runtime instance of the <MapGroup> element (the Fusion.Widget.Map object)
  • A javascript runtime instance of the <Map> child element (the Fusion.Layer.MapGuide or Fusion.Layer.Generic object)
  • An OpenLayers.Map object that is wrapped by the Fusion.Widget.Map object

Here's some images I've made to hopefully explain all the various "maps" in Fusion.

Here's how the "map" elements in the Application Definition correspond to the editor UI in Maestro.

And here's how said "map" elements correspond to their "map" runtime equivalents.

So when you're talking about a Map in Fusion, it helps to be specific. 

*Really really* specific!

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