Tuesday, 26 August 2008

FDO Toolbox v0.5.8

Another release, another load of new features:
  • You can now save data preview results into a new SDF file
  • Bulk Copy: Source properties can now be mapped to most target properties regardless of data type. This can naturally lead to data conversion errors as a result. Any failed conversions are considered failed copies and they will be logged to a separate file on completion of the bulk copy for further analysis.
  • Bulk Copy: The source schema is now validated against the target to see if it can be applied. If it can't it will provide a detailed explanation as to why the schema cannot be applied.
  • A new ad-hoc data entry form for inserting new features into feature classes. This is currently very experimental and there is lots of room for improvement. This form can be brought up by right clicking the feature class you want to insert data into and choose "Insert Data"
  • New preference variable: pref_str_log_path. Any error logs are written to the path specified by this variable.
This release also fixes the following:
  • Prevent the creation of zero-length string, BLOB and CLOB data properties.
  • Enforce the name field requirement when creating new data properties.
  • Fix: Computed properties did not show in Data Preview (Standard Query mode)
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