Thursday, 8 September 2011

Announcing: MapGuide Maestro 4.0 beta 1

I'm happy to announce the first beta release of MapGuide Maestro 4.0

This first beta contains 2 new groundbreaking features, which have already been covered previously:
The multi-site feature majorly affects most workflows in Maestro and as a result of the yet-to-be-stabilized nature of this new feature, I will only recommend you download this release for testing and feedback purposes only

You may also notice a significant increase in the windows installer size (84MB). This is due to the inclusion of the full set of CS-Map coordinate system dictionary files that is required by the new local connection mode feature. I wish CS-Map stored its thousands of coordinate systems in a more space-efficient manner! Anyway, I am pondering whether to offer the new local connection feature as a separate download or keep it bundled it with the NSIS installer as I have done for this beta release. Let me know what you think.

This beta can reside side-by-side with older versions. The new local connection mode also shouldn't conflict or clash with any existing MapGuide Open Source or AIMS installations



Chris said...
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Chris said...

Hey Jacky!
I`m having trouble,
loading a package into my local connection.
The package was made using the mapguide server web-tool, as well as with maestro itself.
i am receiving the following error:

Maestro Error Report

Date: 12.09.2011 18:07:15

Message: An exception occurred in DWF component.
Buffer too small

Details: OSGeo.MapGuide.MgDwfException: An exception occurred in DWF component.
Buffer too small
- MgLibraryRepositoryManager.ApplyResourcePackage() line 203 file d:\mg-trunk\mgdev\desktop\mgdesktop\Services/ResourceService.cpp
- MgLibraryRepositoryManager.LoadResourcePackage() line 233 file d:\mg-trunk\mgdev\desktop\mgdesktop\Services/ResourceService.cpp
- MgResourcePackageLoader.Start() line 133 file d:\mg-trunk\mgdev\desktop\mgdesktop\Services/Resource/ResourcePackageLoader.cpp
- MgResourcePackageLoader.PerformOperation() line 212 file d:\mg-trunk\mgdev\desktop\mgdesktop\Services/Resource/ResourcePackageLoader.cpp
- MgResourcePackageLoader.SetResourceData() line 515 file d:\mg-trunk\mgdev\desktop\mgdesktop\Services/Resource/ResourcePackageLoader.cpp
- MgResourcePackageLoader.CreateByteReader() line 91 file d:\mg-trunk\mgdev\desktop\mgdesktop\Services/Resource/ResourcePackageLoader.cpp
- MgZipFileReader.ExtractArchive() line 44 file d:\mg-trunk\mgdev\desktop\mgdesktop\Services/Resource/ZipFileReader.cpp

any idea, what went bad?
cheers, Chris.

Jackie Ng said...

How big is this package?

Chris said...

it`s 13MB in size. too big?
i could send it to you via googlemail if you want.
should be a pretty good "test-package" because it consists of several types of resources (shp,dwg,sdf,dwf etc.)
cheers, chris.

Canuckoid said...

Same DWF Error for me too Jackie.

ERROR_MESSAGE: An exception occurred in DWF component. File not found in archive
STACK_TRACE: - MgLibraryRepositoryManager.LoadResourcePackage() line 183 file e:\build\2015\di_ims2015_96_1-1403796\ent\os\server\src\services\resource\LibraryRepositoryManager.cpp - MgResourcePackageLoader.Start() line 150 file e:\build\2015\di_ims2015_96_1-1403796\ent\os\server\src\services\resource\ResourcePackageLoader.cpp - MgResourcePackageLoader.PerformOperation() line 228 file e:\build\2015\di_ims2015_96_1-1403796\ent\os\server\src\services\resource\ResourcePackageLoader.cpp - MgResourcePackageLoader.SetResourceData() line 523 file e:\build\2015\di_ims2015_96_1-1403796\ent\os\server\src\services\resource\ResourcePackageLoader.cpp - MgResourcePackageLoader.CreateByteReader() line 108 file e:\build\2015\di_ims2015_96_1-1403796\ent\os\server\src\services\resource\ResourcePackageLoader.cpp - MgZipFileReader.ExtractArchive() line 61 file e:\build\2015\di_ims2015_96_1-1403796\ent\os\server\src\services\resource\ZipFileReader.cpp