Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Announcing: MapGuide Maestro 4.0 beta 2

I am happy to announce the 2nd beta of MapGuide Maestro 4.0

The major new feature of this release is non-transactional package loading, which greatly improves the reliability of loading very large package files, at the small cost of losing the repository ACID-ity of the official approach. Should you encounter any failed operations during the package loading, Maestro will give you the ability to retry these failed operations until all failed operations are accounted for, or you choose to abort yourself.

Also included in this release is:
  • Fixes for defects brought on by the new multi-site support
  • Editor support for FDO expressions in color editor properties
  • Updated to the latest mg-desktop binaries for Local Connection mode
Once again, this beta is available in the fat NSIS installer or the lean zip package (which excludes local connection mode). Users of non-windows operating systems will have to download the zip package.

Download (temporarily hosted on the mg-desktop site)


Chris said...

Wow, you are developing so fast!
Will have a look, if the non-transactional package-loading-procedure will work with my big and heavy packages i sent to you.
but until now (6.11pm UTC+2) the download isn't enabled yet.
So it seems i have to keep on waiting...
thx jackie for this new piece of masterwork...

Jackie Ng said...

Downloads are up on the mg-desktop project site (blog link updated)