Tuesday, 6 December 2011

FDO Toolbox 1.0 (yes that's right!)

3 years and 1251 revisions in the making. The 1.0 final version of FDO Toolbox is finally here.

This release includes some small bugfixes from 1.0 RC1


Is this be the end of FDO Toolbox as I proclaimed some time ago? Probably.

I'll still probably put out occasional releases to coincide with newer versions of FDO but other than that, FDO Toolbox has fulfilled all my needs (and I'm sure many of your needs as well). So I'll guess it's time to put this project into semi-retirement.


Gunter said...

Thanks a lot for this great tool. It is always a great help for our daily work.

Just one note: I'm getting a little error (not really important for me) on startup: LIBPQ.dll couldn't be found.
After confirmation of this dialog the program starts as expected.

BTW, do you still want to integrate FDO Toolbox into Maestro?

Thanks, Gunter

Jackie Ng said...

All providers are enabled in the FDO Toolbox installation, but most of the RDBMS providers will require additional dlls to work

See: http://themapguyde.blogspot.com/2011/04/out-of-box-mapguidefdo-experience-or.html

As for integrating FDO Toolbox into Maestro, it's already happening with the new Local Connection mode in Maestro 4.0

mapNinja said...


This has been another immense piece of work alongside Maestro (and the low-profile desktop work). It's always our first-stop in dealing with any spatial connection or data queries as it's so transparent onto the FDO layer.