Thursday, 1 December 2011

轻松翻译使用 MapGuide Maestro *

* I trust Google Translate translated the above blog title correctly :D

Not everyone speaks English, so neither should your MapGuide Applications.

Currently, the process of translating your MapGuide Application is to hunt down all the english strings in your Basic or Flexible Web Layout XML document and manually replace each string with your translations. This is a slow and painstaking process.

The final release of MapGuide Maestro 4.0 will include a new convenient command to assist with the translation of Basic and Flexible Web Layouts.

Clicking the Translate button will bring up a dialog containing all the localizable strings (Maestro searches for all known XML elements that can contain localizable text). From here, tick the strings that require translation and give your provided translation. I did a quick and dirty french translation via Google Translate for this example.

Once you have completed your translation, click Apply to apply these translations to the affected strings. The editor will reload itself with the translated strings. Previewing the layout will show your translated layout.

The final release of MapGuide Maestro 4.0 (which will include this feature) will be arriving shortly. Doing a lot of API cleanup and documentation.

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Unknown said...

Should be "轻松使用翻译" :)

It will be a great feature for many users.