Wednesday, 4 December 2013

New mg-desktop binaries

As mg-desktop builds tails off of the MapGuide builds. Here's a new mg-desktop release as well.

This release has the following changes:

Legend Fixes

The legend plotting fixes in MapGuide Open Source 2.5.2 have been ported over to mg-desktop as well.

In addition, the legend component of the viewer library now properly handles all possible permutations of single/multiple basic/composite styles in your Layer Definitions. If your layers are using Basic Stylization, this problem wouldn't have been apparent. But if you used lots of layers with Advanced Stylization, this problem would've stuck out like a sore thumb until now.


The viewer library now includes a Generic Redlining component to give your mg-desktop application out-of-the-box redlining capabilities. It's modelled on the same design as the Fusion Redlining widget.

You can grab this release of mg-desktop from the downloads page or from NuGet.

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