Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Announcing: MapGuide Open Source 2.5.2

Here's another point release of the 2.5 series of MapGuide Open Source.

This release contains some DWF and legend image (not icon) rendering fixes, the latter of which was critical in order to make the new QuickPlot enhancements in Fusion 2.6 not suck should you choose to install it to replace the bundled copy of Fusion in this release.

On Linux, this release also fixes the issue of certain RDBMS FDO providers missing from the installation packages. Linux builds are still cranking and will be available shortly after the windows builds, which are now available in the link below.



Danny Tuypens said...

Hi Jackie,
will it also contain the updated dwf toolkit or is that for a later release ?
I'm using the mappingSrvc.GeneratePlot to export nice looking dwfs but Autodesk Design Review crashes sometimes when there's some strange symbols in it.
I think it's because of the outdated dwf renderer in Mapguide.

Jackie Ng said...

MapGuide uses a relatively ancient version of DWF Toolkit.

That is long overdue for an update. It won't be this release (2.6) though.