Thursday, 10 May 2012

Announcing: MapGuide Maestro 5.0 beta and 4.0.1 maintenance release

It's actually been over 8 weeks since I last touched a line of code in Maestro (must be a record!), so it's time for a overdue release with not one, but two releases of MapGuide Maestro depending on whether you're adventurous (5.0 beta) or conservative (4.0.1)

Firstly, a brief overview of what's new in Maestro 5.0 beta

A fresh visual coat of paint

Somebody finally managed to make my favourite docking library work under Mono, so we've thrown out our hacky UI manager and replaced it with DockPanelSuite. This gives us some extra UI niceties as well such as icons for our editor tabs.

IronPython Scripting

Maestro now includes the IronPython scripting engine to allow for scripting and automating the application.

You can execute snippets of Python through the IronPython REPL console

Runtime Map Inspection

Maestro 5.0 includes a new Runtime Map Inspector utility (RtMapInspector.exe) that allows you to inspect the state of a runtime map given the session ID and the map name.

This tool still needs some work. For one thing I was hoping to get selection inspection working as well, but it  didn't make it for this release.

Resource XML Diffs

The View Changes command allows you to view the comparison between the original resource and its currently edited version.

This tools helps you make better informed decisions whether to save or discard the changes you've made to the currently edited resource.

Assorted UI tweaks

Layer Editors now have a jump button to take you to the related Feature Source / Drawing Source

Text and Path dialogs in the Symbol Definition editor are optimized for better screen usage

The Layer Definition editor gets more screen real estate optimization. Each geometry style is now a separate tab.

4.0.1 Maintenance Release

Maestro 4.0.1 is the first of possibly many long-term maintenance releases and contains a fair number of bug fixes and backported minor enhancements/tweaks from the 5.0 beta. Nothing much to talk about here, 4.0.1 just adds an extra bit of polish to the 4.0 release. You can check out the changelog for all the details.


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