Thursday, 28 June 2012

New mg-desktop binaries: There can be only one thing left to do now

With this latest release of mg-desktop we are now one item short of complete feature parity with the AJAX/Fusion viewer: Support for rendering tiled maps.

Since I have still yet to figure this one out, let's just talk about what's new in this release instead:


The MapGuide Server logging infrastructure has been ported over to mg-desktop so you have the same API, trace and error logging goodness that you get with the MapGuide Server

Connection Pooling

I had a review of the connection pooling in place for mg-desktop and it turns out that I wasn't doing it right. Poolable connections that are returned to the pool are not supposed to be closed. They are only supposed to be closed when the pool is torn down or the connection is booted out. It is for this reason that you probably couldn't get Raster layers to display in the mg-desktop map viewer until now, because closing these raster connections actually wiped out their loaded configuration documents, meaning Rendering and Stylization was working off of what was essentially un-configured Feature Sources.

So with this release, not only is connection pooling working properly, but it should have better support for displaying layers from Raster feature sources (ie. GDAL and WMS)

Mouse Wheel Zoom!

The viewer control now supports zooming with the mouse wheel. Nuff said.

Legend Enhancements

The legend control now supports toggling layer selectability like the AJAX viewer.

Digitization Enhancements

The viewer control includes new digitization APIs to let you customize the digitization prompt.

As you can also see from that prompt, for digitization which consists of multiple segments (ie. Line Strings and Polygons) the viewer now supports undoing of previous segments by pressing Ctrl-Z during digitization of a Line String or Polygon

So now to figure out how to do this tiled maps thing ...


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