Monday, 19 November 2012

FDO Toolbox 1.1

Here's a new release of FDO Toolbox.

The new items are:

Please ensure you have .net Framework 4.0 and the Visual C++ 2010 redistributable (32bit or 64bit) installed before installing FDO Toolbox 1.1

Note: FDO Toolbox is still a semi-retired project. Don't expect any major new features. I've put this release out because I believe every new version of FDO should at least have a matching version of FDO Toolbox that uses that particular version.

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Pierre Cardinal said...

I have a problem with the line of code
associatedClass = cloned[ap.AssociatedClass.QualifiedName]; in the file FdoSchemaUtil.cs. With MySQL "ap.AssociatedClass.QualifiedName" is not a "key" of "cloned" in some cases. Is it normal and if yes there is problem because the code can't handle the exception.