Wednesday, 12 December 2012

About MapGuide's WMS/WFS support

This post is bit of a Public Service Announcement.

When someone asks "What version of WMS/WFS does MapGuide support?", that question has two different answers depending on context

1. Are you trying to consume a WMS/WFS service with MapGuide?

The answer then becomes what version of WMS/WFS is supported by their respective FDO providers that come with your MapGuide installation.

If we look at the table of FDO RFCs, we see that:

2. Or are you trying to use MapGuide to serve out WMS/WFS services?

If we look at the table of MapGuide RFCs, we see that:

Given that the current stable release of MapGuide Open Source (2.4) was made after the introduction of these RFCs, these are the respective version numbers of WMS and WFS that can be served and consumed by the current stable version of MapGuide.

For older releases of MapGuide, you can cross-reference your MapGuide's major.minor version number against the respective table of RFCs to determine the level of WMS/WFS support.


Amatya Gupta said...

What is WFS User, WMS User (I got this in Properties of Package in Maestro)

Thanks in Advance

Amatya Gupta said...

Can you elaborate that how to use WFS with MapGuide Maestro?

Thanks in Advance