Thursday, 25 April 2013

Announcing: FDO Toolbox 1.2

As suggested in my previous release, every time a new version of FDO is released, we should have a complementary version of FDO Toolbox using it.

Since FDO 3.8 is now final (and used by MapGuide Open Source 2.5), here's a new complementary version of FDO Toolbox using it.

A summary of changes include:

  • FDO Toolbox now uses FDO 3.8 final
  • FDO Toolbox includes a custom build of the PostgreSQL FDO provider (r6796), allowing FDO Toolbox to create PostGIS 2.0 data stores (as the FDO 3.8 final provider cannot do this).
  • Fix a potential infinite loop in the spatial context creation/updating logic during Bulk Copy.
  • Fix "Create class if not exist" checkbox not being enabled under certain conditions in the "New Copy Task" dialog.

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