Thursday, 6 June 2013

Changing the default redline style in Fusion

So as you know, we've vastly streamlined the Fusion redlining widget so you don't have to wade through so many pages of setup in order to start drawing lines and squiggles.

You might also be aware that all redlines drawn will have the same style applied to them, and if you want to change this, you have to go back to the Redline Management page to edit the layer style for that redline layer.

You might also be wondering if we can change this default style so the above doesn't have be done for every redline layer you create. Yes you can. Here's how.

From the root directory of your Fusion installation. Open defaultstyle.php under the widgets\Redline\classes directory.

This file defines the default layer style settings to use when creating a new redline layer on the map.

Edit the values in this file to suit your desired default style. Save the file, reload the viewer and the Redline widget will be using your new values.

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