Monday, 1 July 2013

Announcing: MapGuide Maestro 5.0 RC2

Here is the 2nd release candidate of MapGuide Maestro 5.0. No matching 4.0.x release with this one, that can wait when 5.0 final is out.

Here's some notable changes and fixes in this release.

We've made the new "Resampling Method" parameter in the GDAL Feature Source editor optional (indicated with a checkbox) because that parameter is actually optional and the UI should reflect that.

The Resampling Method value will only be applied if the check-box is checked.

The ODBC Feature Source editor gets support for secured credentials when using ODBC connection strings.

The "Apply Credentials" link only works when you specify the %MG_USERNAME% and %MG_PASSWORD% placeholder tokens somewhere in the connection string.

Click the "Apply Credentials" link then gives you the dialog to enter the actual username and password, which will be saved under the MG_USER_CREDENTIALS resource data

Once applied, the entered credentials will be used in place of %MG_USERNAME% and %MG_PASSWORD%, like all the other Feature Sources.

One last notable change is that the Map Definition editor allows you to re-order layers within a group in the "Layers and Groups" tab.

What does this actually do? The "unofficial" specification (that is followed by the Maestro, the AJAX Viewer and the Fusion Viewer) is that layers within a group are presented in their respective draw order. So in the above screenshot, "Parcels" is the bottom-most layer of the 3 layers and "Districts" is the top-most of the 3.

What moving a layer up/down does in this respect is move that layer up/down the draw order with respect to the other layers within that same group. So moving "Buildings" up means it will be above "Districts" and "Parcels" in the draw order, but layers in other groups may still be above "Buildings" in the draw order. This enabled function just guarantees that of the 3 layers in that group, "Buildings" will be the top-most one. Likewise when moving layers down.

This re-ordering only happens within a group. So if "Buildings" is the top-most layer of the group, you can't move it any higher. Similar thing applies for the bottom-most layer of the group.

This release includes some important bug fixes for MgCooker as well (thanks to dcreado for supplying the patches).

This will probably be the last release candidate before we go final.


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