Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Maestro tip: Re-organizing editor windows

Sometimes, this author himself discovers something useful about the application he built that he himself didn't know was possible but with some reflection and hindsight, it was obviously clear such a thing could be possible due to some important decisions made in the choice of libraries, components and design.

In this particular case: the decision to use the DockPanel Suite library for MapGuide Maestro 5.0.

DockPanel Suite allows Maestro to lay out its top-level UI elements in a flexible manner akin to Visual Studio. So what this means is that if you have a bunch of open editors like this

You can drag one of the editor tabs and pull it out. You'll get a nice visual indicator of where you want to drop the editor tab just like in Visual Studio.

Release the mouse at the desired drop location and presto!

Very useful if you ever want to see 2 or more open resources side-by-side for basic comparison. Something nice to remember if you have a lot of screen real estate to play with

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