Thursday, 3 October 2013

Announcing: MapGuide Maestro 5.0.1

So ... with that problem out of the way, here's the release of MapGuide Maestro 5.0.1

This release contains 2 new features. The first one is adding in missing support for editing properties of symbol instances in a composite rule. The symbol instances dialog now has a button to edit the properties of the selected symbol instance.

This brings up a new dialog to edit the properties of the symbol instance in question

The second feature is a small enhancement to the Generic XML editor to let you re-read XML content from the originating resource. A useful feature when you need to "refresh" the XML of your current edited resource if it has changed underneath since the moment you opened it for editing.

And being a point release, it includes bug fixes from 5.0 including a fix for the annoying cursor problem in the Generic XML editor that many of you have probably encountered.


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