Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Announcing: FDO Toolbox 1.3

Here's the new yearly update of FDO Toolbox updated to use FDO 3.9 and fix a few defects in the bulk copy system.

The move to FDO 3.9 has changed the software requirements as well, you now need to have installed:

You can grab this release from GitHub


Janne Bjurström said...

I am looking for a FDO Postgres provider that can handle circular arcs on lines and polygons. Do you know if there is any development on this? or if the 3.9 (which has a rc2 for the moment) supports this?

Best regards
Janne Bjurström

Anonymous said...

How can I connet to MS SQL Server 2014 using FDO Provider for SQL Server Spatial?

Jackie Ng said...


You connect the same way as any older version of SQL server down-to-and-including 2008