Saturday, 2 August 2014

Announcing: mapguide-rest 0.9

Here's a new release of mapguide-rest, packed with some new toys.

PDF Support

The existing URL routes for DWF plotting now also support PDF output.

For example, a DWF plot URL like this:


Can be turned into a PDF plot like this just by replacing the .dwf in the URL to .pdf:


When plotting from a session-based runtime map, you also have the option of producing a layered PDF. To produce a layered PDF, simply append layeredpdf=1 to a PDF plot URL on a session-based runtime map. This takes longer to plot than a normal PDF, but the resulting PDF will have a toggle-able layer structure

Queryable Layer Definitions

The existing URL routes to query feature data from Feature Sources can now also be applied to Layer Definitions.

For example, suppose you originally were querying Parcels from its Feature Source

GET http://localhost/mapguide/rest/library/Samples/Sheboygan/Data/Parcels.FeatureSource/features.xml/SHP_Schema/Parcels?maxfeatures=500

You can now also query the same data via a Layer Definition that points to it

GET http://localhost/mapguide/rest/library/Samples/Sheboygan/Layers/Parcels.LayerDefinition/features.xml?maxfeatures=500

You'll notice that querying via Layer Definitions means you don't have to include the fully-qualified FDO class name in the URL as that will be inferred from the Layer Definition document. Also when querying via Layer Definitions, it will also include evaluated tooltip and hyperlink expressions for each feature (as MG_TOOLTIP and MG_HYPERLINK properties)

The Layer Definition query route supports the same parameters as the Feature Source one and supports GeoJSON output as well.

New Samples

We've added a new OpenLayers 3 example, demonstrating how to consume dynamic GeoJSON vector layers from the REST API

And a new Cesium example, also consuming GeoJSON from the REST API

Other Changes

  • GeoJSON features now include id attributes containing the identity property value. Previously the identity property value was written out as a regular feature property.
  • Improved XYZ tile cache resiliency
  • Feature query routes (ie. selecting features) no longer require an authentication challenge and can be done anonymously.
  • Feature query responses are no longer internally buffered, reducing response wait times.


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Johan Van de Wauw said...

Wow, PDF support really is a killer feature! Can't wait to try!